12 Step Meeting List Plugin Testing Checklist

The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all tests that could be run to test TSML, but simply a starting place to aid the Code For Recovery team in an effort to catch common bugs introduced during WordPress “Core” updates.

Notes on Use of this checklist

  • Execute the suggested scenarios with different user roles e.g., admin users, editor users, guest visitors, etc.
  • The suggested scenarios should be tested on multiple browsers like Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari with their latest versions (if possible).
  • Test with different screen resolutions like 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, etc.
  • Test on a variety of displays like LCD, CRT, Notebooks, Tablets, and Mobile phones (if possible).
  • Test on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems etc (if possible).

Testbed Environment

Setup your WordPress test environment with the latest releases of only the software necessary to test the 12 Step Meeting List plugin. Local (formerly “called Local from Flywheel”) is one option for quickly spinning up a local WordPress test website on your local machine, be it a macOS, Windows, or Linux based operating system. You can get the latest from Local by visiting the releases page and downloading Local for your specific Operating System. The following options are available on your initial site configuration:

☐  Environment: either Preferred or Custom.

☐  Web Server: either gninx or Apache.

☐   PHP versions: currently 7.4.30, 8.0.22, and 8.1.9 are part of the current install package. Older versions 5.6.39 and 7.3.5 are available for download as well as the pre-release 8.2.8.

☐   Database: MariaDB or MySQL (TCP/IP).

☐   WordPress: defaults to latest release but can be overridden to any available release from WordPress.

☐  Multisite support: Yes/No.

☐  Once Local is up and running with your WordPress test site, ensure that SSL is installed by clicking on the Trust link. It will change to a disabled Trusted link once SSL is installed and operational.

☐   Install latest release of the 12 Step Meeting List plugin.

☐   Install and activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin found in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Load the upcoming Beta release when you are ready to test it.  

test Meetings Import & Export features

☐  Download the Example CSV file and load it through the file import feature on the Import & Export page. You should now be set-up with 36 maintainable records for the San Jose area in your database, with 13 assigned regions having meetings in 25 locations.

☐   Check that the default Legacy UI meetings display correctly by clicking on the Where’s My Info right here link.

☐  Execute the Export Meeting List Download CSV button. Verify you have a correctly formatted meetings.csv file in your Downloads folder.

☐   Test the Generate PDF feature by clicking the button, which should open a new browser tab displaying the PDF Generator page on our Code For Recovery site.

☐   Verify that you can import a data source feed from an external site. Here’s one that has around 80 records for the Saskatoon regional area. Try this with and without setting a parent region.

Configure Meetings Settings

☐  Follow instructions to Enable Maps on Your Site. A generated Mapbox Access token inserted into the “Mapbox Access Token” field will close the instructions dialog box when the Add button is clicked.

☐  Check that all dropdowns load with appropriate options.

☐  Ensure Feed Sharing works correctly. When “Restricted”, it should allow you to add what entities have access to the meetings feed.

☐   Toggle the User Interface Display feature which should generate dialog informing you that the User interface has changed. The UI difference should be notable on the default /meetings page.

☐  Check that all links on the About Us and Need Help? cards are not broken.

☐  Test site email sending capability by adding a valid email address that you can access in the User Feedback address box. Initiate a test by sending an email from the “Request a change to this listing” feature found on any meeting detail page. This may require installation of an SMTP plugin on your test site.

Report Your Test Results

☐   When issues are found during testing, open an Issue in our Github Issue Forum using the Bug label.  When no problems are found, still open an issue to let us know here that we can update the Tested Up To: version on the plugin’s readme file. No label for the issue needed.

Download the Word version of this checklist