Code for Recovery

Code for Recovery is a fellowship of volunteers in service building and maintaining open source solutions to help the recovery community meet, organize and recover from addiction.

Here’s what we’re working on:

Meeting finders

12 Step Meeting List

12 Step Meeting List (TSML) is an open-source WordPress plugin that helps recovery organizations list their local weekly meetings. TSML entered production for Santa Clara County AA on May 2, 2014, and was made available on the WordPress Plugin Directory exactly one year later. It is currently in use by hundreds of recovery organizations.


TSML UI takes the basic meeting finder concepts established in TSML and renders only the front-end user interface (UI). The power of this is that it enables websites running on platforms other than WordPress to benefit from TSML’s user-friendly interface.

Eventually this may become the default front-end for TSML.

Wagtail Meeting Guide

Wagtail Meeting Guide is a Django-based content management system currently in use by the Southeast Pennsylvania Intergroup Association to list meetings and provide other back-office functionality.

Online Meeting List

Online Meeting List is a meeting finder front-end specifically designed for the needs of an international listing of online recovery meetings.

Its primary distinguishing characteristic is that it converts and sorts listings in the user’s local timezone.

Supporting projects


Code for Recovery maintains the Meeting Guide JSON spec, which is a standard for communicating information about recovery meetings.

C4R Geocoding [in Development]

API gateteway is a service in development that provides access to geocoding—and potentially other—API services for recovery fellowship meetings.


This open-source project takes a Meeting Guide-spec JSON feed and generates a printable PDF of in-person meetings.


This project takes a Google Sheet and turns it into a Meeting Guide-spec JSON feed, so it can be consumed by TSML UI, PDF, or Meeting Guide.

TSML Feedback Enhancement

This WordPress plugin provides a richer experience for users to provide feedback about a meeting.

Join Us

Are you a developer in recovery? For an invitation to join our Slack workspace and for organizational queries, please email us. Use the links to the left for help with any of our products.

We have regular meetings on Zoom every other Saturday at 12pm US Central time. Meetings July 13th and 27th 2024.