How To: Clarify Meeting Feedback with the Enhanced Feedback Form

Here’s a YouTube video link on how to setup and use our 12 Step Meeting List Feedback Enhancement plugin. This formatted solution is intended to guide end user feedback when submitting an email to a website administrator which gives a consistent, auditable, and accurate view of what the submitter is wanting added, changed, or removed on a listed meeting.

Video Outline

A) Benefits:

  1. Manages the content of each data field, with field validation and error handling where necessary
  2. Provides a detailed record of the feedback request
  3. Aids user submission in providing accurate feedback

B) Requirements:

  • WordPress (free)
  • 12 Step Meeting List plugin (version 3.12 or later)
  • 12 Step Meeting List Feedback Enhancement plugin (latest version)

C) Demo

  1. Activating A Feedback Form
  2. Installing the Enhanced Feedback plugin
  3. Select Feedback Mode – Change, Add, Remove
  4. Filling Out & Submitting a Feedback Request Form
  5. View Enhanced Feedback Email Examples
    • Change Meeting Request
    • New Meeting Request
    • Remove Meeting Request