Code for Recovery is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

None of our volunteers ask for or receive remuneration for their service. Neither do we expect them to foot the bill for our users.

Contributions are used for expenses only

With your donation, we can pay for things like hosting fees for our website and Content Delivery Network (CDN), geocoding, and other supporting services that improve the effectiveness and availability of our work. This lowers the barrier of entry for new groups to make it easier for recovery communities to organize and recover.

If you are interested in donating or would like to know exactly what your money will be used for, please email

Please note that if you intend to cancel a recurring contribution that was set up in the past or if you have multiple recurring contributions, you may need to utilize the link provided in the receipt. The button above will only allow you to access the most recently created transaction.

We partner with Stripe for your safety, and do not retain your credit card information on the C4R website.  Stripe’s Customer Portal is in charge of managing payment information, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.  Thank you for your support.